Google v. Isohunt

The first book in the bibliography of my Introduction to Geometry class is Michele Audin’s Geometry, which in Amazon costs, well, a lot. So the first thing I tried a couple of weeks ago, when the semester started, was to search for the book in isohunt (and a couple of “sister sites”). But despite my insisting efforts, I was unable to find a pdf of the book, and resigned to that situation.
Today, I decided to give it another try, but in google, and as soon as I wrote “audin geometry” this happened:

And as it turns out, I did find the djvu of the book (which I never thought of looking before, I always looked for the pdf), in good quality and with minimum hassle! And this happens at a time when Isohunt, which is fighting a permanent injunction served against it, argues that what it does, Google does better. No argument here!


3X Sesame Street

Seriously. Watch this, with sound, and, as one comment in the youtube page had it, “try to keep a straight face”!

EDIT: it appears that this can just be seen from youtube proper… humm this must be what they mean by “copyright protecting culture”….

Youtube gallore

First, here’s fractal generation, without a computer:

The trick is to wire the output of a camera to three monitors lying next to each other, and then to point the camera at those monitors. It’s awesome, but I don’t quite get how did they “bootstrapped” the process. If only I had three monitors to give it a try… But sadly, I don’t.

Via Good Math, Bad Math

Next, here’s Hitler on Portugal, SCUTS, our Socialist Party, our Prime-Minister, and so on. It’s funny, but in the end, it’s also sad…

video (embedding disabled by youtube)

Finally, if you’ve ever complained about your job, don’t:

Via Que Treta!

Copyright and the IMF

Two videos on one post. The first one is a clever and very funny retort to that mantra of sorts, viz. that artistic creation springs from the artist’s mind in its entirety, implicitly stating that previous works play no role whatsoever. Well, that’s simply wrong: like science, art also borrows from the art that existed before. Here’s a witty demonstration of precisely that:

From Que Treta!

Secondly, at a time where an increasing number of voices are starting to ask whether the IMF will have to intervene in Portugal, here’s a video that exposes it’s darker face, and indeed, indirectly, the darker face of modern capitalism.

source (Portuguese)