The blogger and the (cookie) jar

For a while now, I’ve been unable to post comments at * blogs. Even anonymous comments, in blogs that allow them. Alas, when writing a comment and clicking the ‘Submit’ button, the page was just reloaded, and no trace of my comment was left behind. Weird is an understatement. Puzzled as I was, now I have discovered the reason: unlike * blogs, to post a comment, any kind of comment, at blogger, you have to allow third party cookies! Yep, to comment you must open yourself to the possibility of “anonymous” surveillance (even more than what you are already exposed for just using the internet). Luckily, there’s an easy fix (if you’re a Firefox user, that is): install the Cookie Monster addon. Then disable third party cookies globally (Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy), and go submit a comment. It’ll reload the page, but the addon icon in FF’s bottom bar will tell you that the page tried to set a third party cookie. Allow it to do this always. This way, you disable third party cookies by default, while still allowing it for those sites that require it, viz. blogger. And presto, problem solved!

Addendum: I think this only happens when the comment form shows up after the “original” post, like so, and not when the comments are written in a separate page, like so. Blogger is weird…


3 responses to “The blogger and the (cookie) jar

  1. While writing this, I bumped across another problem of Blogilo, and again relating to image handling: when inserting an image in the middle of the text, it will put said text inside div tags, instead of p tags. Which is a problem because text is displayed with 1.5 spacing, instead of simple spacing. Oh well, maybe this has some simple fix…

  2. The problem cause is described here, and a simple fix (in Firefox) is to do this: Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy. Select “Accept cookies from sites”, UNCHECK “Accept third-party cookies”, and on “Exceptions” add, and click “Allow”. Now you can comment on blogs.

    Untested for blogs hosted outside blogspot.

    If after the first attempt to comment a red square appears, hit Submit again, and it should work.

  3. Thanks so much for this post! For a week now, I haven’t been able to submit any comments on blogger and I’m angry about it. With your advise, I’m going to figure it out. 🙂