Via the twitter feed of Wikileaks, came this interview of Assange, and in it, these insightful words:

When reading mathematics you must take your mind through each intellectual step. In this case, the steps of Heisenberg or Bohr. Because good proofs are very creative, it takes the full energies of your mind to reach through one step to another. Your whole mind must be engaged in a particular state of thought, and you realize that this mental arrangement is the same as the author’s at the moment of writing, so the feeling of mental similarity and rapport becomes strong. Quantum mechanics and its modern evolution left me with a theory of change and how to properly understand how one thing causes another.

Maybe that’s why all of the mathematicians I can think of are, well, thin! 😀

PS: now I mentioned Assange, I must also mention that, in an adversarial spirit, I started reading Inside Wikileaks, written by a WL former full time employee. So far, it has been surprisingly addictive (but now I must sleep).


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