The blue bird

One of the biggest lessons I learned the hard way in college, was to only use technology to solve problems I have, rather than inventing problems on which to use newly developed technology. And this was the main reason why I didn’t use Twitter: I had no use for it. More accurately, I had no use for the sort of things that others seem to do with it, viz. micro-preach your every step, in agonizing detail, to whomever might listen. But as it turns out, I do have an use for it as a sort of, news aggregator. And thus far, it works like a charm. Particularly striking was how it provided real-time coverage of the recent, and still ongoing turmoil in Egypt. So there you have it: I’m using Twitter. Feel free to follow me although, as corollary of all I just said, be aware that updates will be sparse. But you’re still welcome 😉


17 responses to “The blue bird

  1. lol.

    I do NOT have a twitter account(not surprising, I know!). Because nobody cares!! (no, really, nobody actually read twitts, they say they do so they may appear smarter and knowledgeable! True Story! lolol. Not!).

    But there’s an interesting statistic, its something like this: 90% of ALL existent twitts have never been read! I’m sure you also read that already somewhere! 🙂

    btw, what’s your opinion on ?

  2. Yeah, not surprising at all 😛 But before making me guilty by association, here are a couple of points you might consider: first, those who I follow are handpicked for information that interests me. Second, even so, there *will* be lots of information I don’t really care. But given the maximum length of the messages, filtering is pretty easy 😉 And if by “reading a twitt” you mean that 1) it has a link and 2) I followed that link, I think it’s safe to say I “read” a lot less than 10% of the total 😛 Finally, I use twitter much like I used news feeds: I just read them at the end of the day, when I get home. It’s a sort “evolved eight o’clock news”! (with the advantage I get to choose the news 😉 )

    As for Bing vs. Google, before reading your link, I thought Google might have jumped the gun on this one. But if what’s said in that CNET article is true, then, semantics be damned, Bing IS copying google’s results, but using humans as a “distributed middleman”. Annoying as it is to google, it’s not illegal, nor I think it should be, although I am far of having grasped all the implications of such “piggybacking”, for both Google and MS.

  3. Damn, I thought so, no discussion there. lol. I was hoping to engage on a verbal fight with lots or arguments and e-blood (some lightning would be awesome too and epic music! Epic music fits everything! Even my latest trip to the bathroom! muahaha)

    It’s not that I don’t like Twitter, I actually understand your point, but I don’t find a use for it… then again I never thought of Twitter as a news aggregator!

    I would even try it if it weren’t for the fact that my preferable username (this one) is already being used by someone else (last time I checked it wasn’t _really_ in use, just standing there doing nothing).

  4. I was hoping to engage on a verbal fight with lots or arguments and e-blood

    Flame-baiter 😛

    Epic music fits everything! Even my latest trip to the bathroom! muahaha

    Too much information!

    I would even try it if it weren’t for the fact that my preferable username (this one) is already being used by someone else (last time I checked it wasn’t _really_ in use, just standing there doing nothing).

    I guess that’s what you get for spoofing a famous fictional character 😛

  5. Oh, OK. Still, it’s based on a famous character plus a famous game 😛

    No, I have a written test on Monday morning. I’ll go the next one, when I already have another dinner scheduled 😦 I’ll try to go on Friday this time 😛

  6. ‘Going postal’ is THE expression that originated the game. At first I thought it would be funny to have my mailbox name And it was because of the double meaning ‘goes postal’ may have (if not funny at least interesting).

    Good luck for the exam! Keep us – your loyal non-twitting and non-facebooking followers – posted! xD

  7. From the moment they (Micro$oft) try to make use my real name as my nick name on MSN… The thing I love in here (Internet) is the anonymity! Almost everyone on my buddy list know my actual name, but I don’t like at all not having the possibility to use an alias. I could change my name at Hotmail, but I use it for school… you see my problem? I would like to have THE CHOICE!

    I love my privacy, my anonymity and my electronic alter ego. Thats actually the reason that drove me away from FB. They may sue however posts false information! WTF?! And everyone is so not-caring-at-all. They (FB, and social networks – MSN also being one) sell information, PRIVATE information, and everything, and I do mean everything belongs to them. Yes you may control the information you share, but still… its theirs! How can we, as a whole, indulge them? enrich them?

    Hmmm, sorry about the rant, really!

    Err… I wanted to say just: Because I can’t have Kenny as nickname on MSN without changing the name of the mail owner (field I can’t change).

    I probably made hundreds of mistakes in this comment, feel free to correct me! It happens when I rant! xD

    (when you do, post how in here, sounds VERY interesting!)

  8. I thought so, where it says try to make use… should say try to make me use

    yey! You know… I’m starting to lurk in here A LOT! lol. =)

  9. Erm, you lost me somewhere. You can change your nickname in MSN client, but it has happened to me when trying new clients, or clearing the settings of older clients, the nick defaults to the full name of my msn email account (and yeah that sucks). But all the people I add to my msn, already know my real name, so I don’t see it as much of a problem.

    I’m 100% with you on all the privacy stuff, but sadly I don’t see that happening anytime soon, not because it’s technically hard, but because the economic/legal incentives to do are simply non-existent. As to FB proper, I absolutely refuse to put anything there that I would not state for the public record (which is not very much :P). And there’s a lot of info (specially bio) that essentially crap. I would like to see to see them try suing me on basis of that alone. Just because someone drafts a TOS, doesn’t automatically make it enforceable in court. They can kick you out, and if the only thing you did was post false and innocuous info, then that’s it. But I’m not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt…

    Feel free to rant (when justified :P) and lurk around at will!

    I still don’t know when I’ll have the time to code OTR support, but I’ll post it here when I’m done.

  10. Ok, let me explain the first part then (won’t take long). I used the last version of MS Live Messenger, which doesn’t allow to have a nickname (to my knowledge).

    There are alternatives, good and robust aim clients, but I haven’t tried any since… err… Live MSN 9. :p I kept procrastinating the install of gaim, until I saw no point in installing, since I may contact with all my friends by mail, blog or mobile. I installed Skype so I could contact a long lost friend that only uses that!

    So I should say I left Messenger because I couldn’t change my nick, and I dropped that im protocol altogether because I didn’t miss it. :p And I still don’t!

  11. OK OK, I get your point. I tried Skype a couple of years ago, but severely disliked it. On linux, which was becoming my main OS at the time, it worked rather poorly. Maybe I’ll give it a (re)try someday…