Firefox addons

After mentioning in a previous post three apps, I know mention two (IMHO must have) Firefox addons:

  • HTTPS Everywhere forces the use of HTTPS during all the session (as opposed to just during login) of several sites, such as WordPress and Facebook, to name just two. This is of paramount importance specially to those that browse the web using wi-fi in public places (and if you don’t believe me, just google for “firesheep”).
    EDIT: it seems this addon breaks Facebook Chat. Bummer!
  • Textarea Cache saves what you write in forms in cache, so that in the event of a browser crash or, vastly more likely, session expiration, you can still recover what you’ve written. I ought to have for a long time, but just searched for it now, after losing a rather lengthy text I meant to post in the ArchLinux forums (the session expires rather quickly…).

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