Three new apps

First, we start with Google Sharing. Its stated purpose is to diminish the amount of information Google collects about you, while at the same being completely transparent to the end user. It achieves this using a Firefox addon the redirects google searches to a special proxy, that will modify it so as to hide its origin, before sending it back to google. When used with SSL, this ensures that not even the proxy can violate the user’s privacy, because the request is encrypted from Google’s server to the end user’s computer. More information can be found on the homepage and the FAQ, which is very clearly written, even to the non-geek user.

The second app, is the smplayer. I was an avid vlc user, but this “frontend” to mplayer seems (thus far at least) to throw vlc into a distant second place. It has nice features, and one in particular, that is totally awesome: it can automatically download subtitles for you! In a matter of seconds. Awesome.

Last, but surely not least the third app: for those you who, like the author, used Windows and Winamp, and then Linux and XMMS, and thought the latter had been cast into an inescapable oblivion, here’s audacious! Not much to say, better go see for yourself. I, for one, have found my new favourite audio player!



One response to “Three new apps

  1. One caveat about smplayer: the default video driver used is “xv”. For better performance, specially notorious in 720p files, change it to vdpau (if you system supports it) in Options -> Preferences -> Video