Copyright vs. Freedom


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  1. Hehehe, what did this you smoke? If anything, copyright has always been a subtle form of monopoly & repression of freedom. And this is not something peculiar to copyright. On the contrary, it’s deeply associated with capitalism. Geeks who are so blind to capitalism’s flaws since its beginning and blame Communism (AKA State Capitalism) as one of the biggest sins of the last Century always seemed to me a bit dumb. Capitalism has never about the freedom of the markets but only about the freedom of Capitalists. And this is exactly what it’s at issue here. A new class of capitalists made of those who horde and transmit huge torrents of data is replacing an old class of capitalists made of traditional media and entertainment industries. For Google, BT, and Apple copyright doesn’t matter so much. Quite the opposite 😉

  2. Excelente artigo e escrito em muito bom inglês. Estava plenamente convencido que o autor era algum britânico, pela temática e referências, até ver ali no Blogroll o “Que treta!” do qual sou fan. 🙂

  3. Miguel Caetano,

    I was afraid of mentioning communism precisely because of such misunderstandings. My point here is not to discuss either capitalism or communism. I mention the latter because the Soviet Union was a repressive regime that used as one of the means of enforcing that repression, laws that turned large groups of people in criminals. Which is precisely what copyright laws are increasingly becoming. And I agree with you regarding capitalism being not so much about free markets as about free capitalists. And it is precisely the point: just as a new class of capitalists is being created, fostered by technological innovation, that same innovation is driving the old class progressively out of business. Unless there are good reasons to assume that such a change is bad for *society as a whole*, it is nonsensical to create laws with the sole purpose of keeping the old class of capitalists’ business model profitable. Specially when doing so would impose such a heavy burden to the rest of society.

    But thanks for the feedback! 😉

    Nelson Cruz,

    Obrigado! 😀 Não é todos os dias que se recebe um elogio destes! (apesar de ainda achar que há coisas a melhorar)

    Sou leitor frequente do “Que Treta!” (embora não comente muito…)

  4. Parece-me que o Miguel Caetano também não topou que eras português. Ou então comentou em inglês por coerência. Cheguei a este artigo através do Google Buzz dele. 🙂