Ridendo castigat… leges!

Current copyright laws are insane. Courts having to enforce such laws produce even more insane insanities. And as it’s all to obvious, insane laws plus even more insane verdicts only breed ever-increasing contempt for law. But sadly, it’s not obvious to everyone. But despair not! These are time of looming uncertainty for The Pirate Bay’s future, but for now, it’s still just like its old self! Meaning that like the writers of times past resorted to laughter to criticise insane social costumes, TPB (whose crew are no strangers to the art of mocking), has just been endowed with a brand new CD: the list of musics for which Joel Tenenbaum was ordered to plunge into bankruptcy, is now available in a brand new compilation, free of charge, of course. And it even comes with cover art:


Quoting from the torrent’s description:

I too downloaded them!

These are the tracks Joel Tenenbaum downloaded. For 30 tracks he is ordered by the court to pay $675,000 to the RIAA.
Well, all I can say: the RIAA can come and try to get half a million bucks from me too, let’s see if they can make me pay…
Btw, it’s amazing how easy to become rich, ain’t it? You just download this pack two times and you already have something that worths more than a million…

Since in all likelihood these idiotic laws are going nowhere, might as well get a good laugh from such idiocy (as far as it is possible), and enjoy the music…

Via Remixtures


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