More copyright bullshit

The surprises you can get from doing the math:

In any case, that’s £175 a week or £8,750 a year potentially not being spent by millions of people. Is this really lost revenue for the economy, as reported in the press? Plenty will have been schoolkids, or students, and even if not, that’s still about a third of the average UK wage. Before tax.

Oh, but the figures were wrong: it was actually 473m items and £12bn (so the item value was still £25) but the wrong figures were in the original executive summary, and the press release. They changed them quietly, after the errors were pointed out by a BBC journalist.

This is yet another example of the length to which the copyright industry will go in the fight against sharing. What else can one say, besides Like I said: as far as I’m concerned, everything from this industry is false, until proven otherwise.? (ibid.)


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