More TPB humour

As the trial of the century goes on, some notable bits emerge. First was the King Kong defence, and now here’s another one I found the other day:

Today’s trial was also marked by a bizarre bit of geek speak as prosecutor Hakan Roswall (attempted to) pull out his geek card. TorrentFreak has the translation:

“When did you meet [fellow defendant Gottfrid] for the first time IRL?” asked the Prosecutor.
“We do not use the expression IRL,” said Peter, “we use AFK.”
“IRL?” questioned the judge.
“In Real Life,” the Prosecutor explained to the judge.
“We do not use that expression,” Peter noted. “Everything is in real life. We use AFK—Away From Keyboard.”
“Well,” said Roswall. “It seems I am a little bit out of date.”

I would wonder what’s next, but as the trial is over by now, oh well… (verdict is expected on April 17th)


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