Stop those pirates! Arr!

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I can only surmise that was due to lack of knowledge that roughly half of the charges laid against The Pirate Bay (TPB) admins were dropped by the second day(!) of trial. I can only surmise that was due to lack of technical knowledge the Swedish Prosecution spent 3 years building a case consisting of almost entirely of copyright infringement charges, when skimming over a google search for “bittorrent protocol” would have made it clear that torrent trackers (such as TPB’s servers) do not actually host any copyrighted material, even if that service is used to share such material (and keep in mind that there are legal uses for the torrent technology). And even in this last case, the admins do not play an active role in the breach of copyright. Enough so that they meet the conditions outlined in European Directive 2000/31/EC, Article 12, to be exempted from liability.

And in the last scenario, when copyright infringement does take place, the responsibility ultimately lies with TPB users: me, probably you, and whole big lot of other people.

So, there you have it. Now what? Sue us all? Or maybe get a new set of laws for a whole new technological and cultural landscape?

Information about this trial in Portuguese is here, and in English here, among a myriad of other places…


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