Now that I was forcibly kept form working…

… I’ll this opportunity to share some of the “funny” tabs that have been left opened in my Firefox:

  • so first we have, a Portuguese family that plays World of Warcraft. Now let me clarify that: yes the whole family plays it, from the father (a physician), downright to their 5 year old son (!!)
  • (in Portuguese) next, another great post parody on why «intellectual property» is a fallacy based on flawed misconceptions.
  • Google releases the Android, with software that contained (it has been fixed now) what I humbly think could be classified as the bug of the decade: everything you type with the keyboard, gets interpreted by a root shell. I don’t own one of those gadgets, but unless the whole world is conspiring over the internet, I’d say it’s true.
  • lastly, and this one is almost too good to be true: it seems that nice folks over Batman town, Turkey, are suing their Hollywood «counterparts»! ROTFLMAO 😀

And that’s all for the day!


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