Firefox 3

I had tried the RC’s before, but always ended up going back to Firefox 2.0, because 3.0 b0rked a lot of the extensions I used. This kept happening even after the final version of FF 3.0 came out. Today, sick of yet another FF 2.0 crash, I decided to check on the status of the 3.0 version. I installed it through Ubuntu’s reps, and it still borked a lot of addons. But when I checked for updates, only a theme and a dictionary did not have a 3.0 version (but there were alternative packages, well suited for the job). So I decided to stick with FF 3.0. And insofar, it seems a lot more stable than the earlier version, which crashed waaay to often. The most annoying problem I have now, is precisely with WordPress: when writing in its “web 2.0” editor, Firefox’s spell checking goes completely haywire: sometimes it will check words, sometimes it will not. The only workaround I got for this so far, is to switch to the HTML viewer after finishing the writing, and checking my spell there. As that editor has none of usability panaceas that riddle the visual (not complaining, though!), FF’s spell checking functionalities work as usual. I’ll have to dig into that issue later on…


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