OOXML – the saga goes on…

First, here’s an inside description of the “democratic” and “impartial” process of OOXML approve in Norway, told by someone that witnessed it first hand:

The process which led to Norway’s Yes vote on OOXML was so surrealistic that it deserves to be recorded for posterity. Here’s my version of the story.

It’s small and direct to the point. It shows how the “Norwegian” decision to vote Yes was actually a one man decision. In the author’s own words, it was surreal… Just repeatedly dismiss all those who don’t agree with you, until you can overrule the remaining miscreants… surreal indeed…

Next, you might remember that one of the (many) arguments against OOXML was that the “standard” left details unspecified, and the one and only reference implementation is—that’s right—Microsoft’s Office 2007. But it appears that things are actually worse than that. In fact, it has now surfaced that not even Office 2007 generated docx files conform to the spec. You go M$oft!


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