That’s the name of a little great piece of software that my former adviser from college came up with. It’s exactly the thing I needed to solve a problem with my other page: basically I avoided frames, so to deal with the code for common menus and stuff (that had to be included multiple times in different places), I used PHP. Yes, just for those includes. Yes, it *is* ugly, but back then I knew of no other choices. Eventually I came across server side includes, but those didn’t work (weren’t configured) in the server machine. So I dumped all the code from the menus into Javascript print statements (servlets anyone?). That was even uglier, but at least it didn’t render the whole site into oblivion each time someone borked the PHP install (which happened all too often….)

Until nanon came along: it gives you “server side includes”, but without actually needing to touch the server to do so! 🙂 And it’s almost unbelievably simple to use. Highly recommended if you need to quickly build a “static” HTML+CSS site. My thanks to the author! 😉


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