Python intro

Ok, so I’ve used aMsn for quite a while now (for at least some two and a half years). I like it a lot, it works great, lots of extra stuff: plugins, themes, and a very cool feature to annoy windows live msn users: you can send bulk nudges, without having to wait some seconds in between nudges. Very effective 😉 But we’re diverging…

As I was saying, I like aMsn a lot, what I don’t like as much is the language in which it is written: Tcl/Tk. But it was not like if I was going to start coding for amsn, so no worries. Until I found that there was no plugin (or any other way) to use OTR with amsn. So… learn Tcl? I’ve played with it for a very little while in college, but as I said, didn’t like it. Coding in Python, for instance, would be a ton more fun.

Of course, the first thing I did Google for “amsn python”; and that’s how I ended up in the emesene homepage. Gave it a try, and I’ve running it since. It lacks some things aMsn has, but overall it’s very good, specially for such a young project. While surveying their homepage, found this blog entry:

This post is to encourage people who want to start coding for emesene and don’t know how, for this you must have some understanding of programming, not necessary python.

The first pointer given is for a Python introduction (available on-line) book. I mention this here because, unlike other more “standard” introductions, this one gets right to the point: for instance, there are no “hello world!” scripts, you just get a fully functional script, that is educationally dissected during a couple of small chapters. Even if you already know Python, reading this will give you a pretty nice brush up. Now let’s hope there’s time to code.


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