A much awaited law

For many years, and for many different reasons, I’ve been supporter of the idea that smoking in closed premises (bars, coffees, whatever) should be prohibited (we are talking about public places, or special places, like hospitals, schools, or similar). Well, now, in Portugal, in effect since January 1st 2008, it has become law. And I make no effort to conceal my joy with it! In my case, this has another advantage: a lot of my friends are smokers, and despite not liking hanging in “foggy” environments, truth is, I was (still am) the minority, so I did an effort to endure the smoke… Well no more! And the same can be said for my clothes too: I just hate getting home, late at night, and have that pesky tobacco smell entangled all over my clothes!!

If you’re curious as to my arguments, a non-exhaustive list can be found in this discussion.

Being someone that so harshly criticizes Portuguese politicians, for this one they earned the right to a loud praise!

Note: I have been pointed to some abuses, namely places that were not allowed to have a smoking area because there were no bathrooms in it… Well this is an abuse, that should be corrected, but still it does not diminish the merits of this law.


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