How nerd/g33k/whatever are you?

I found out about this geekness test (click image below) when browsing through a friend’s blog, who scored 86 out of a 100 😛

Although I scored one more point than her, I can’t avoid thinking the result is somewhat biased by the fact that I know two things: the periodic table and who was James Clerk Maxwell (and anyone who graduated from high school should know too…)

Another thing I find curious is that the comment attached to my score is this:

High-Level Nerd. You are definitely MIT material, apply now!!!.

Now I’m not exactly fond of being called nerd, but being described as MIT material is nothing short of a complement! So I’m drawn to the sad conclusion that the way of not being a nerd is … well, being a dumbass… Probably not the best of ideas to spread in junior high…

Anyone who also conducts that test is encouraged to share the results of course 😛

I am nerdier than 87% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

EDIT: I just ran a second test, that confirms what I thought: my original test was left unchanged, except for the chemistry questions, the ones about knowing who is Newton, etc.. (all were given wrong answers) and about what operating system I used (previously I said Linux and Firefox, which what I actually use, now I said Windows and Internet Explorer), and in the calculator’s question answer was did not care as long as it adds… Here’s the new result (my previous one was 87):

I am nerdier than 31% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

The comment was “Not nerdy, but definitely not hip.” The inescapable conclusion is once more yielded:

To be hip, skip chem and math classes, and you should be on your way…

Talk about American influence…


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