Google reader

A quick search in this blog will suffice to convince you of thoughts regarding Google: I don’t trust it, so I use it on what could be called a “need to use base”. Which is to say, I use to search, and little more. Now earlier today, when I was reading the chapter 3 of The End of Control (I’m a bit late, yes I know, I have other things to do besides developing roots facing a pc screen), I came across Google RSS Reader. I’ve tried to use RSS readers before, namely the one in Thunderbird, but I did not like it. I went to take a look to Google’s RSS contraption, liked the look and feel (opposed to what happened with Thunderbird, an otherwise very good email client), and decided to give it a try. And I liked it. So Google gets a record of what blogs I read? Yeah, that’s true, but if I publish a list of the books I read (and was thinking of doing just that), that public info just the same. To be accurate, I must say that this is not exactly true: if I made a list of what books I read, the information despite publicly available, it’s still just text until someone goes there and reads it to see what is it about. Google most likely stores that information in a format much more suited to analysis. Wonder if that has implications with what ends up being advertised in Gmail… oh well, at least I’m aware of it, unlike a disturbingly high percentage of Americans.


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