The end of control

In a previous post (and in some others scattered around this blog, search is your friend), I’ve spoken about copyright, the rendering into oblivion of the distribution industry, and some related stuff. Now, I’ve found this:

Instead of publishing this book in a traditional form (i.e., as a print product), I have decided to try something new and offer The End of Control online, for free, with a new chapter released every week. I may ultimately still offer a “real” printed version, but for now, this is my next book — just subscribe to the RSS feed and get my latest “chapter” as soon as I publish it. Or listen to the podcasts or watch the videos (coming soon).

One chapter a week (quite a few out by now), and the first impression is positive, hence me sharing it 🙂

EDIT: as I was re-reading the second chapter, I came across this quote:

Consider this: What good is the idea of a copy of digital content — and of the exclusive right of the author to allow that copy to be made in the first place — when in fact every single transmission of digital content, and every use of a computer, inadvertently creates multiple and perfect copies along the way? This inadvertence essentially creates serial copyright infringers [sic] every nanosecond.

Take that, assholes!


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