On Gutsy, again…

Ok, to be fair, I must say that the first thing I’m about to say, I’m not sure it applies only to Gutsy (most likely it is valid also for previous Ubuntus…, or even other Linuxes) but I’ve only found out now, that you can run (K)Ubuntu without an xorg.conf:

$ ll /etc/X11/xorg.conf
ls: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory

Not warped enough? Then how about this one: it works better like this! Of course that’s because I have the self-imposed misfortune of owning an ATi graphics card, whose support for Linux is worse than none at all: it’s a real piece of crap!

Moving on, the problem with this scenario (other than those mentioned two posts below) is that now I get random crashes aka total PC freezes :S oh well I guess there truly is no such thing as a free lunch… I’ll just keep enjoying Death Note 🙂


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