Hey, the title changed!

Yes indeed it changed. And more than once, too (no pun intended). The original one was invented on a moment of stress, when inspiration suddenly stroke as I looked to header image of the blog’s template (it’s still the same image, though I intend to change it sometime… I guess you can see where the ‘haze’ part came from…). Yesterday night, I decided, by no particular reason, to change it. And so I did, though I did not like the result. But it was late, and I decided to give it a rest.

Today, as I arrived to work, I gave it another try, and this time I actually liked the result: it has more to do with what this blog has been during its short life span.

PS: the title is clearly inspired in this book, from one of my favourite authors, Carl Sagan. Though I have not actually read the book (yet – it’s on the TODO list), I find this to be soothing…


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