Software patents… kill the bastards!!

I have a hard time imagining how anyone connected to the software industry can be in favour of software patents (except if said anyone works for Microsoft or any other software giant…), but anyway, here’s a video that explains why software patents are a really bad thing:

The video mentions this 1991 quote of Bill Gates (search Wikiquote):

If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today’s ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today.

Ah how ironic the sands of time have proven to be! By the way, I don’t usually mix English and Portuguese in the same post, but as I was talking to a friend about this, here’s how he short and accurately described software patents:

as patentes [de software] sao a garantia do lucro pessoal em detrimento do avanço científico dakeles que defendem o liberalismo económico



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