Problem: I revoked my till then current GPG key, and everything worked fine, except for Enigmail: when using it, it insisted in using the previous (revoked) key rather then the new one. Eventually I found that this was due to a rather silly mistake of mine; I found this through a somewhat obscure page, which like I post here should it be helpful to someone else: http://www.mailinglistarchive.com/enigmail@mozdev.org/msg00489.html

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Stephen Petersen wrote:
> Hey folks,
> First, thanks for the great program and the supporting forum!
> Now, to the question:  I recently revoked an old gpg key and made a new
> one, but when I try to sign a message with enigmail it still tries to
> use the old revoked key, and I get an "unusable secret key" warning.
> (In the commandline it's clear it attempted to use my old key.)
> I feel like I've looked everywhere, but I must be overlooking something
> - how do I get enigmail to acknowledge my /new/ secret key?

It sounds like Enigmail is setup to use the email address to select the signing
key. If that is the case it will match on the first key it locates, usually the
older key.

For the email account in question, open the 'OpenPGP Security' tab, select the
'Use specific OpenPGP key ID' button and enter the key ID of your new key
(0xdecafbad) or you may use the 'Select key...' button.

You should also check gpg.conf and verify that the old key is not specified as
the default-key.

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