First the cigarette pot, then the Universe!

Now if the reader belongs at least to the relatively educated, all sort of origin of life theories are probably no surprise. Well, setting all theories and ilk stuff aside, here’s a fact: in the place were I work, there is a porch, and in the porch there is a vase. So far so good, right? In that vase, there is… well in the beginning there was pretty much only dirt. As time went by, some of my co-workers who smoke start using it as an ashtray, and a dumpster for cigarette butts. As more time went by the environment inside that vase could only worsen, and after some more time went by, viz, today, the surprise:


If life can survive in there, Mars, the cold outer space or the inside of a underwater volcano are no match for it! Despite the ugliness of the image, a somewhat weird sense of awe ensues…


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