Days when you should’ve stayed in bed…

You know it’s one of those when

1) you get to the office, and there’s no network;

2) you realise that not only exterior connections (aka internet) are gone, but also interior (i.e. connections to machines in your local network) are gone;

3) you are flabbergasted and ask how in the heavens name is such thing possible? (you go to the server dorm and check all machines are plugged in and running);

4) You realise that the particular SSH connection to the machine you need is not actually gone, it’s just taking way too long because it needs reverse DNS mapping, and the DNS server has been blown to smithereens (figuratively speaking, of course!)

5) You thank the heavens the fact that you know how to easily circumvent that problem (just hack the particular DNS mapping for that machine right into /etc/hosts and presto, it’s light speed again!)

6) You realise the bulk of network problems this morning is due to the fact that the ISP provider closed the service… go figure…

7) You curse the bastards and use that old vodafone wireless broadband card for internet, (while using good old eth0 to local network access) and get to work

8 ) You realise that you can’t stop scratching your eyes, and the idea of staying in bed begins to take form in your mind…

9) You are able to fulfil an amazing amount of work, but lunch hour gets you…

10) You realise that all that work is to be trashed when you’re told that a change in the graphics suite being used is due (you’ve guessed it, all that work I so proudly did was with the old graphics suite…)

Lesson to be learnt: trash the alarm clock!


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