Speaking about my nicks…

Another thing I used to have in my nick was a Personal Message saying that the more I learned Perl, the more I was getting to like Python. Here’s a site that further develops the idea. It does not get religious about either language, instead trying to be as factual as possible. It’s a bit old (in computer terms), but it’s still meaningful:

Getting to dislike the Camel

I was really enchanted with this language [Perl] and started using it more and more. However, as I kept using it I kept discovering new things I didn’t like. After a while it added up to a pretty sizable [sic] list.

EDIT: as I was re-reading this, I thought maybe state here my latest itch with “the Camel”: data structures!  More specifically, trying to use data structure such as hashes of arrays, and arrays of hashes, and this latter structure inside an “upper” hash table. Using them “per se” was no big a deal (thanks mainly to the Camel book), but using those with objects (as one would in say, Java), is a complete nightmare. Bottom line, Perl maybe a lot of things, but it is IMHO not an object oriented language.


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