An eclectic post

Eclectic is a fancy new word I first saw used in the alternative designation of Perl: Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister. What it means in the case of Perl is irrelevant, but eclectic per se means derived from multiple sources. As this post contains a lot of unrelated things, well you should be seeing the association by now…

The first thing is a small video by a Canadian Law professor, that puts “Canadian Piracy in Perspective“. Although in my much modest opinion, it does a better job at putting the right perspective on the US legal effort against “piracy” (term used in a very broad sense). But better see for yourself:

Moving on to a different but related subject, here’s a rather long but good talk about DRM, namely on how it got smuggled into the legal system. To wet your appetite, here’s the opening quote:

Otto von Bismarck quipped, “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” I’ve seen sausages made. I’ve seen laws made. Both processes are pleasant in comparison to the way anti-copying technology agreements are made.

This probably deserved a link in my anti-DRM page (see blogroll), but as I am in practice cut off from that machine, I’ll dump it here.

Last, but surely not least, another link on why privacy matters, and just to what extent it was been thwarted today. Some things are specific to the US, but it is troubling nonetheless…


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