To blog or not to blog

I was never a fan of blogs. Some would argue that the fact that I now have a blog does not alone change that. They’re probably right. As a matter of fact, among my group of friends some years ago a blogmania of sorts sprung into existence. Which could have been a good thing, were it not for the fact that some started to care more about that than good old fashioned hanging out. This is of course arguable, but that’s my opinion. For whom might argue against me, I remind you of the ridiculous blog wars that ensued after the said blogmania. Some of those blogs have by now been rendered into oblivion, but this is going besides the point.

And the point is what on earth could make someone lazy (in the perl programming sense) like myself to get a blog? Well here’s the short answer: I have more free time now that I’ve had in the last years. And I like to write.

As for the long answer, well there isn’t one, I just said that because it suited the text (lazy, remember?). Overall, I guess this is a hobby, a place to dump my thoughts; and I dare say, it follows logically that anyone who reads it (I’m not even going to talk about understanding it) must be a nut case.

So welcome, and join the club! 🙂

NB: I am sometimes prone to exaggeration, as the above passage should quite nicely illustrate! Of course all the rest of the homo sapiens, tech-savvy or otherwise are welcomed in this humble corner of the web.

And as a cuddly little bunny used to say: “That’s all folks!”


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